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When purchasing a new door system, it’s important to think about more than just the door. There are a variety of things to consider when choosing a frame. Below we will break down the details to help you make a decision based on your needs.


Wood Jamb & Brickmould

  • Kiln-dried, primed finger-jointed pine
  • An economical, environmentally sustainable choice
  • Double primed for quality performance and ease of painting. Surface requires paint on all exposed surfaces.

Composite Jamb & Brickmould

  • Textured woodgrain or smooth white pre-pigmented frame components are a blend of PVC and wood fiber composite substrate
  • Researched and developed in 2005 for the Canadian climate
  • Solid composite provides twice the holding power of wood
  • Will not discolour, absorb moisture, splinter, or rot
  • Maintenance-free smooth white composite jamb carries a 5 year warranty on finish. Jamb can also be painted to your requirements.
  • Woodgrain textured composite components, only available with special order door systems, have a realistic rich appearance requiring staining or painting.



Madero offers two types of frame construction; basic and premium. Each of the frame styles is unique and components carefully chosen to provide the long lasting quality Madero has become known for.


  • SnapLock Nailing Fin (Composite only) – incorporating a hinge-style design, Madero’s SnapLock nailing fin lays flat for renovation use or snaps into place for new home construction.
  • Dust Pad – applied to the door jamb above the sill, helping to seal door corners from dirt and dust.
  • Brickmould – 2” 180 step primed pine or composite brickmould
  • Hinges – 4” x 4” ball bearing hinges. Madero’s standard hinge finish is C-2G Zinc Plated, though the finish can be changed based on hardware or glass. 




Basic frames are standard on Entry Series exterior door systems.

  • Construction: Machine stapled for precision fastening
  • Weatherstrip: white compression foam weatherstrip for an airtight system
  • Sill: Quality extruded aluminum sill with a wood substrate for added rigidity. 
  • Sweep: 5 fin white vinyl sweep

Premium frames are incorporated into all special order exterior door systems. 

  • Construction: mechanically fastened with screws, top and bottom
  • Weatherstrip: Extended reach black compression weatherstrip is used on the header and strike jamb for a greater seal. 
  • Sill: Extruded aluminum sill in mill finish. One piece nosing provides extra structural integrity and support for the brickmould. 
  • Sweep: White vinyl sweep with PVC and mohair fins for added draft protection. 
  • Gaskets are incorporated to provide uniform seal pressure and enhance the weather barrier within the frame.


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